Our Lineage

The Himalayan Tradition
The tradition of the Himalayan sages is an unbroken chain extending for thousands of years, a living tradition existing even today untouched by the passage of time. The Himalayan Tradition is the tradition of meditation. It is not bound by any particular dogma. It is not bound by the frontiers of religion and caste. It is universal in nature. Meditation is the key and the central aspect of the practices of the Himalayan tradition.

Liberation from misery, not realization of God, is the purpose of life. Realization of God comes later. Freedom from the bondages of our own suffering, our own misery comes first. Patanjala Yoga Shastra is the base, which is a study of human psychology, much deeper than the modern psychology as a subject, and the path of Sri Vidya as the pinnacle of spiritual practice in the Himalayan Tradition.

Sadhana Sangama Trust is a confluence of Yoga, Dance, Music, Holistic Education, conducting multi-faceted activities for the benefit of the people, towards building of a harmonious society. Charaivetee - march ahead is the dictum of Sadhana Sangama with which the trust is on the path of progress towards building a solid integrated community of spirituality.