Hostel Facility

Sadhana Vidyalaya has a hostel for Boys within the campus. Hostel life for children is fun and a character molding experience. The hostel is within the campus close to the school. It is a dormitory arrangement for children with good bath rooms and toilets facilities. Many of our teachers stay on campus as well giving the advantage to our hostel students to have intensified learning. A typical hostel student schedule will include:

  • Early morning Yogasanas and Pranayama practices
  • Morning study hour with support from teachers
  • Healthy breakfast cooked in a clean and nutritious manner
  • Attending to school & lunch at school
  • Evening field games like Football, Volleyball and Cricket
  • Healthy evening snack
  • Karma Yoga – learning to serve the community
  • Evening study time with support from teachers
  • Calm and serene evening prayers including Bhajans and Mantras
  • Delicious dinner and rest