Arogya Vardhini Centre for holistic health - Introduction

Swami Rama Holistic Health Treatment, Research and Training Institute

The vision is to develop a holistic health centre wherein yoga, naturopathy, ayurveda and other drugless therapies are offered in tandem to provide a combined therapeutic approach, with a conviction not to consider human being as a patient by merely examining the disease only at the physical level but as an infinite consciousness, blissful energy.

'Every human being has potential for healing. The healing energy is flowing without interruption in every human heart. By the right course of dynamic will these channels of healing energy can be directed to the suffering parts of the body and mind'. Swami Rama

Holistic Health Center Concept

Swami Rama's concept of holistic health was integration and harmony at all levels of human activity physical, emotional, intellectual, social, professional. Yoga is also defined as: Yogah samadihi. This means harmony with oneself, others and the surrounding environment. The opposite of samadhi is vyadhi, which means anything that goes against the harmony. Holistic health is achieved by bringing harmony between various dimensions of human life:

This project aims at training people to maintain the harmony and remove vyadhis with non-drug therapies like yoga, ayurveda and naturopathy