About Us

Sadhana Sangama Trust is a registered, public, non-profit, charitable organization, established in 1986 at Bengaluru, India with a vision of creating happy, healthy, harmonious society through Yoga, Sri Vidya, Dance, Holistic Education and Holistic Health.

Charaivetee ..... Charaivetee ..... the eternal Silver Song of Sadhana Sangama Trust.

Our Vision & Mission
Our Vision & Mission is constantly blessed and guided by the RISHI LORE in Himalayan Tradition of North and Sri Vidyaranya Tradition of South India. The mission is to integrate Yoga, Dance, Music, Art and Holistic Education. The Trust is dedicated to the great Himalayan Yogi and Philosopher Swami Rama, author of the classic "Living with the Himalayan Masters".

Since its inception, inspired by the life's message of our Rishilore, the Trust has been ceaselessly working for the welfare of humanity. The Trust conducts public programmes in India and abroad which are free in nature and the objective being -

Our Projects
Sadhana Sangama Trust has envisioned Sadhana Vidya Pratishtana comprising of 5 projects at Sadhana Dhama ashram: